Monday, August 15, 2011

Dota 2 Teaser Trailer

You guys.  YOU GUYS.

Since I started at Valve in February, I have been working on the most excellent game Dota 2.  This is a pretty big week for us - we're debuting a playable preview of our hard work at this years' Gamescom in Cologne, Germany in a high-stakes-winners-take-a-million-dollars tournament featuring 16 professional Dota teams.  I had not played Dota prior to working on it, but as I've gotten to know the game, characters, and the concepts I have gotten increasingly stoked to watch this event take place and see it released to the general public.  I understand now why competitive gaming broadcasts and professional tournaments are a thing.

For the past couple of weeks though, I have taken a break from Dota and spent time working on our first official trailer for the game.  Check it out:

I did rigging for a number of the characters (Faceless Void, Blood Seeker, Dragon Knight and his Dragon form), and all animation for Dragon Knight, his dragon form, and Viper from 1:28 until the end minus the final shop keeper shot. 

Super cool project, really quick -turnaround time, and fulfillment of my little girl I-want-to-work-on-a-Valve-trailer dreams.  And it took me over four years of working in the games industry, but I finally animated a dragon.  So cross that off the bucket list too.

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