Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Two updates in as many weeks?!  What's going on?  It must be all these damn earthquakes happening everywhere.

It's been a bit of a boom year for me with work I can finally show bubbling to the surface, so here's some spring cleaning action on my old and dusty demo reel.  Check it out!

In order of appearance:

Dota 2 Teaser Trailer - Valve
"Coop" Commercials - Meindbender 
Nintendo's 2011 E3 Keynote Conference Star Fox 3DS Teaser - Obsolete Robot
Costume Quest (Unicorn) - Double Fine Productions
Trenched (Melee Unit)- Double Fine Productions
Brutal Legend (in-game animation) - Double Fine Productions
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (DLC) - LucasArts Entertainment
Brutal Legend Cinematics - Double Fine Productions

More work to come soon, as well as some progress on an ancient personal project that's finally picking up some steam.  Stay tuned.

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