Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Two updates in as many weeks?!  What's going on?  It must be all these damn earthquakes happening everywhere.

It's been a bit of a boom year for me with work I can finally show bubbling to the surface, so here's some spring cleaning action on my old and dusty demo reel.  Check it out!

In order of appearance:

Dota 2 Teaser Trailer - Valve
"Coop" Commercials - Meindbender 
Nintendo's 2011 E3 Keynote Conference Star Fox 3DS Teaser - Obsolete Robot
Costume Quest (Unicorn) - Double Fine Productions
Trenched (Melee Unit)- Double Fine Productions
Brutal Legend (in-game animation) - Double Fine Productions
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (DLC) - LucasArts Entertainment
Brutal Legend Cinematics - Double Fine Productions

More work to come soon, as well as some progress on an ancient personal project that's finally picking up some steam.  Stay tuned.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Dota 2 Teaser Trailer

You guys.  YOU GUYS.

Since I started at Valve in February, I have been working on the most excellent game Dota 2.  This is a pretty big week for us - we're debuting a playable preview of our hard work at this years' Gamescom in Cologne, Germany in a high-stakes-winners-take-a-million-dollars tournament featuring 16 professional Dota teams.  I had not played Dota prior to working on it, but as I've gotten to know the game, characters, and the concepts I have gotten increasingly stoked to watch this event take place and see it released to the general public.  I understand now why competitive gaming broadcasts and professional tournaments are a thing.

For the past couple of weeks though, I have taken a break from Dota and spent time working on our first official trailer for the game.  Check it out:

I did rigging for a number of the characters (Faceless Void, Blood Seeker, Dragon Knight and his Dragon form), and all animation for Dragon Knight, his dragon form, and Viper from 1:28 until the end minus the final shop keeper shot. 

Super cool project, really quick -turnaround time, and fulfillment of my little girl I-want-to-work-on-a-Valve-trailer dreams.  And it took me over four years of working in the games industry, but I finally animated a dragon.  So cross that off the bucket list too.